Our team of 400 technicians and engineers is an example of our belief in solutions that encompass quality and innovation. All of our specialists are well grounded in day-to-day, real-world practices, working in sales, marketing, development, production, and quality control. In addition to their technical know-how and experience, we also put great emphasis on their creativity and flexibility. Our best employees are regularly grouped into innovation teams that we can call on to handle specific customer projects. We also regroup these teams to ensure that all of our customers are provided with the best custom solution for their particular requirements.  It also promotes a culture of constant optimization throughout our company.

Drawing upon each team’s knowledge provides us with a constant flow of good ideas from all fields – CAD, materials testing, metal finishing, specification, mechanical engineering, prototype construction, quality control and marketing.  We are able to continuously optimize our manufacturing processes while also improving customer service.

Donghua USA is always available to listen to your needs.  Ask us any question – our engineers and products specialists specialize in engineering, construction, assembly of specials, cutting, refining of intermediate products, supplying chain systems, warehousing, logistics and technical support.

We can help you in all of these areas:

  • Engineering capacity (production drawings, 3D drawings and constructions)
  • Transmission drive calculations (bearing area-, fatigue-, breaking load-, and life time  calculations)
  • Assembly and pre-assembly
  • Mounting of attachments, extended pins, paddles, slats and custom components
  • Fit to shaft bores for sprockets according to customer specifications
  • Special lubricants or re-lubrication according to customer specifications
  • Production of official certificates and technical reports including matched length  measurements and tolerance

Donghua USA can supply you with quality chain and components, when you need them, and be the best value in North America.