The Best Chain Value
In North America

Innovative solutions – whatever the challenge –
made us a worldwide quality leader.

Donghua Chain Group is known across Europe and around the world as a primary source for value, quality, fast delivery, and extensive inventory…


Precision Chains for
Every Application

As one of the largest chain manufacturers in
the world, we have the exact chain you need.

Our team of 400 technicians and engineers is an example of our belief in solutions that encompass quality and innovation. All of our specialists are well grounded …


Consistent Dependable

Quality you can see. Quality you will experience.

Donghua USA is built on a foundation of quality.  We’re confident that every chain we ship meets our exacting standards…


Donghua Chain Manufacturing Process

Watch our video and see quality in action.

At Donghua Chain, quality is a meticulous process that begins with material selection and includes all stages of production, from annealing and carburizing through rolling and finishing.